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Just prior to knee surgery I told my doctor I had an upcoming golf tournament that I was looking to enter. He laughed and said if I am golfing 3 weeks post-surgery that it would be the soonest he’s ever seen. After just 2 weeks of physical therapy at Elevate not only did I play in the golf tournament, but I kept my scores in the 70’s and was pretty much pain free. Over 10 golfers with replaced knees told me to take the year off and start back next year. But thanks to Elevate PT I am right back at it! Elevate Fitness and Physical Therapy is amazing! Thank you!

Randy Johnson

This is the best place to find everything for recovery in one spot.

Heather Rockwood

I have been meeting with Emily for the last 13 weeks to work on my insulin resistance. She has been encouraging and provided customized care. I appreciate that she answered all of the questions I had. I've been able to loose 15lbs in the time we've shared and my cholesterol levels have come down within the normal range. I should be able to get off the prescription for that soon. I am very grateful for her guidance and cheer-leading.

Stacy Brown

I work at a theraputic boarding school and my job is to take our students to any needed appts. I come to this place a lot for any students needing physical therapy. Dr Scott is professional and excellent with his treatment. He is insightful and knows when a certain treatment is needed. His staff are professional and respectful. They know what needs to be done to help their patients.

Phil Neibaur

I've lost more weight and learned more about nutrition than from any gym or fitness establishment. Most importantly, the staff and trainers are such that we fell in love with them and have been the most consistently motivated to workout than at any other time in our lives. These facts make this place priceless to us. Especially considering our weight and health challenges.

Ammon Heinzen

Von is the BEST chiropractor. Great price, fixes my alinement issues with minimal visits. He is very personable and always remembers little details about his patients.

Jamie Roan

Dr. Scott and his team are Awesome. At Elevate Fitness & Rehab, you have access to physical therapist, dieticians, chiropractic care, and fitness machines and personalized plans to help you reach your fitness goals. It's a great resources for anyone wanting a one-stop-shop.

Jim Tessers

They have an amazing staff especially their head trainer/nutrition coach Shelby! I love their fitness classes, I have seen huge results already and I’ve been there only a couple months. Their nutrition program is very helpful also, I have leaned so much from this place, and would recommend it to anyone!

Alyssa Takitaki

Both my wife and I have come here for Physical Therapy with Matt. I highly recommend him! I am very impressed with his abilities and his theories of how he runs his clinic. Many PT clinics around here don't provide much interaction with the Physical Therapist but instead have you working with their aides. But Matt believes that his patients deserve to be with either him, a DPT, or one of the PTA's that work there. This way you know you are being helped by a trained expert and not just a part-time aide who has no real credentials. He is smart and genuine. Go see him!

Spencer Carrier

I discovered Elevate Fitness after my daughter had a soul, crushing and season ending knee injury. After her first surgery, we visited our "prescribed" Physical Therapist. I didn’t feel like they were helping her progress to athlete shape as she would need to return to her sport. We decided to search out a new therapist after her second knee surgery (ACL).
Matt was exactly what she needed. As we spend the next long months doing rehab, I knew we had made the right decision. He was able to tailor workouts that are sports specific. His Physical Therapy knowledge is vast and he makes sure to stay up on current research which is a big plus, in the ever changing medical world. I am confident she will be able to return to her sport when she is ready and cleared to go (which can't come soon enough). There are no guarantees with knee injuries, but I am confident we are doing everything possible. She is also working on ways to help prevent future injuries, and Matt has been able to point out things she can do different to make her a better athlete.
We have been visiting Elevate’s boot camp since May and love to hate it

Ashley Hill

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