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Larita Johnstun

Larita is a knowledgeable coach and devoted champion for the improvement of people’s overall health with years of experience working with people of all health backgrounds. She has spent her career working in various healthcare facilities, including the intensive care, medical surgery, postpartum, maternal fetal medicine and radiology units of hospitals. Larita has also served as a medical assistant for an interventional pain doctor.

Larita’s diverse professional experience has taught her more about the difficulties of life but also the important impact of being caring, positive, and empathetic through complicated and emotional times. Larita is grateful for each of these opportunities. Each has contributed to her knowledge and understanding of the workings of the human body and her love for the clients she serves.

Over the last seven years Larita has been on her own health journey to find answers she once believed may never come. She was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and was told by an endocrinologist that she could not receive treatment until her thyroid completely crashed.

Believing this could not be the solution, Larita increased her efforts to find answers. Larita has suffered from headaches since she was a child and had sadly learned to “LIVE WITH” them. Knowing that food had always had a profound effect on her, Latria began focusing even more on her diet as a possible connection.

Throughout her journey, various individuals recommended diets they thought might help Larita with her health problems and also help her lose unwanted weight. She tried several of these diets but found they were unsustainable, ineffective, and often expensive. Fortunately, Larita had a connection with someone who knew about insulin IQ.

Shortly after beginning the program, Larita’s chronic headaches stopped. Although there was a learning curve, especially with certain food cravings and maintain a good space with nutrition, Larita continued to learn and benefit from understanding the value of the food she ate. Not only did insulin IQ help Larita understand how food impacted her overall health, but she also found a community of support and medical professionals that were willing to help her find the right answers to treat her Hashimoto’s disease, and the other autoimmune diseases that had affected her.

This changed her life. As she had done her whole career, she wanted to use her knowledge to help others also find answers to their own health-related questions. This led Larita to becoming a certified Insulin IQ Health and Nutrition Coach in 2021.

Latria believes health and wellbeing are connected with every facet of life. She loves spending time with people especially her family. Latria enjoys nature and animals. To her, these things, along with diet, are an important part of overall health.

Latria believes you are never too old to improve your health. She started changing her diet at the age of 53 and lifting weights at the age of 56. She’s gained strength, confidence, mental clarity, and can easily keep up with her 12 grandkids. Larita started health and nutrition coaching as a way to support others making these important lifestyle changes. She especially loves supporting those, like herself, who are making these changes later in life or for the first time.