January 10th - March 8th

Regular gym hours are M-F 5am-8pm, and Saturday 7am-1pm. You have unlimited access to use the facility during these hours. The group class schedule is as follows:


There will be a total of 3 weigh-ins. Time slots will be available to sign up at Elevate or please call the front desk at 801-221-9060 to schedule. 

*To be eligible for the Grand Prize, participants must be present for at least the first and last weigh-ins.

*First weigh: 01/06/22 - 01/08/22

*Halfway weigh: 02/03/22 - 02/05/22

*Last weigh: 03/03/22 - 03/05/22


We encourage tight fitting/minimal clothing (compression shorts for men, and sports bra and compression shorts for women) to really highlight the dramatic changes that will occur over the next 8 weeks; but please dress to your comfort level. (Before and After pictures will not be publicly shared without your prior consent).

You will be weighed on the InBody 570 Body Composition Scale. It is important that we get the most accurate reading possible. Please review the “InBody scale prep” in this document prior to your initial weigh-in.


There are no partnership requirements for this year’s challenge. Current Elevate clients can partner with other members or non-gym members. There are no gender restrictions either. 

Two separate prize categories will be awarded. $1,000 to the winning partnership, $250 to the runner-up male participant, and $250 to the runner-up female participant.

You must complete the initial and final weigh-ins to be eligible for the Grand Prize.

GRAND PRIZE WILL BE AWARDED TO THE PARTNERSHIP WITH THE GREATEST OVERALL LOSS OF BODY FAT (by percentage), OR THE GREATEST INCREASE IN MUSCLE MASS. Additional factors are also taken into account, like; best overall body composition change, class attendance, performance, attitude, etc. 

This challenge is not strictly a ‘weight loss’ challenge but based on the percent of body fat loss.


Participants must designate their partner at the time of registration. 


Only Elevate members who are currently paying for Elite Group Training, IQ Fit, Small Group Personal Training, Private One-on-One Training or nutrition clients on a contract are eligible for the member pricing. 

*Unlimited Elite group, Small group private or private memberships: $100 

*Nutrition and unlimited Elite group memberships: $150

*All others will need to register at the $400 "New Member Price." These prices are the total amount due for the full 8-week challenge.

Current training or nutrition clients will receive $25 OFF for each new client they refer, who sign up for the challenge.


Your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please do not sign up unless you are fully committed to attending all 8 weeks.